composite’s material

Using traditional printing techniques, such as stencil and screen printing, wood can be precisely inoculated with mycelium. By coating the wood with a mycelium-based printing paste, a cushion-like structure grows partially out of the wood. With the penetration of the mycelium into the surface and the guided growth process, a form-fitting composite material is created that naturally combines the properties of the soft mycelium with the wood. A new future-oriented material with high application and design potential – presented in the form of a chair that can literally be put back into the forest after use.

My idea was to screen print living organisms, especially mycelium. A spontaneous sketch, visualizing a cushion of mycelium growing out of the surface of a chair was a fun practical application – but realizable?

Finally, I designed a new type of composite material that required the development of a printing paste and technique to produce it. Which can now actually be presented in a mycelium upholstered chair.