This project shows the result of my bachelor thesis project and an insight into the design process. The idea was to design a piece of furniture that mediates between working and living. I wanted to create my own interaction, which is now reflected in my functional chair. With a variety of seating position and perspective, I offer the chance to consciously achieve a change and settle into the current situation. Through increased home office and new work models, the issue of work and living in a confined space is gaining importance at the moment. The chair offers an individual application possibility for both situations. It can be adjusted to any position without prescribing a particular posture for the user’s activity.
In my practical development process, I was able to directly visualize the moment of change and the function again and again. In a series, from the first prototype to the final design, I optimized the adjustment mechanism, as well as thoroughly tested the construction method and ergonomics, and tried out possible variations.